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Truth or Dare?

You probably all played truth or dare, you probably all loved ir and just like me, it made you fucking horny playing truth or dare, …

Play with me
I will post some basic rules on the forum, but they are open for discussion :). One rule isnt negotiable, if you dare, you agree to be dared too.

Truth or dare pictures, Truth or dare videos, … there are enough ways we can prove we did the dare, so register and let us start having some fun.

How do we play?

Register at the forum, ITS FREE, introduce yourself, have fun en think twice before you make a challenge, allways wonder if you would dare to do your own challange. And if you accept, we ofcourse need prove of it, so you’d better have trutg or dare pictures, truth or dare videos, …

Who can play?

Everyone older than 18, it doesnt matter if your a boy, girl, …

And if you like it here, invite some other friends to play, the more people that are on the boards, the more fun it will become.

Truth or Dare forum online:

The forum is now ONLINE and its FREE, so register and have fun. And get ready to post those truth or dare pictures and truth or dare videos, of your own ofcourse!

The main ideaon the forum is to play our game, with pictures and videos. Once we get thigs starterd we can work on some other ideas, but let us first get a bit active on the boards and then decide how we can evolve.

Just register and turn this forum together with me in a succes!

have loads of fun,

your favorite webcam girl Anke


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