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need your help

Hi everyone,

it’s me again :-)))

think my site finally starts to look like a website 🙂 did as much as I could with al the hints i got here, and am now wondering wat you guys think of it.

If you got some ideas on how to improve it, please let me know, I’m a bit of idealess at the moment and dont see what i could to improve it even more.

A few problems I still encounter are:

_ My catch phrase. I’m still strugling to find a good one, if you got some suggestions, … let me know.

_ And since english isnt my mothertongue, please let me know how the text sounds, the translation in dutch would sound great, but have the idea that in english it doesnt sound that great.

_ At the moment I’m getting a daily traffic of 200-400 hits (depending on the fact weither i post pics on the camportals or not). BUT my conversion rate is awfully low. Could use some help here on how to convert a bit better.

_ Placed some polls on my site to get some feedback from my visitors, but the response is kinda low, any ideas on how to improve this as well. Would a forum be a good idea? Or a guestbook?

_ Dont know how it comes, but google, never displays all the pages in my site if I search for (site:, already implented a site map, and google has found it, and google seems to know all my pages if i search for every page individually, but with a “site” search it only shows 5 pages.

If you can help me out, it would be greatly appriciated

lots of love,

kiss Anke


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